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Party Planning

WE LOVE A GREAT PARTY! Just like everyone else does. We all know going to a party can be great fun, but hosting one can be something else. No one understands that better than we do. We are The Party Source for all of your entertainment beverage needs. Whether it’s a group of friends, a company function, a wedding reception, or an intimate dinner, we can help you find the perfect mix of wine, beer, and spirits to match your tastes and just as important – your budget. We have a wine store with so many favorites, classics, and new kinds to try!

Your Local Liquor, Beer and Wine Store


Call or stop by our liquor store and we will be excited to help you plan. Our Party Planning staff members are resident experts, having partied with the best of them over the years. It’s what we do so well! If you would like a head start on planning your own party, take a few minutes and use our party planning guide below. Be sure to contact us with any questions you might have.



Below you will find:


• Determining Beverage Quantities

• Our Suggested Serving Sizes

• How To Come in on Budget


How Much Will I Need?


A safe rule of thumb; Use a standard of 1 drink per guest per hour.


(Example: 50 guests from 7pm to 9pm equal 100 drinks)


• Does this sound too low? As we know, most of the consumption happens the first two hours and then everything tends to taper off. (Not the parties we go to!)

• This allows for the guest who sips one drink all night, as well as the person drinking for himself AND his designated driver!

• This also figures in waste such as spills, lost drinks, and the occasional over pouring.


Basic Breakdown for a Standard Bar


• Liquor – 45%

• Vodka -30%

• Scotch -10%

• Gin -5%

• Rum -25%

• Bourbon -20%

• Tequila -10%

• Beer (Regular / Light) -25%

• Wine ( White Wine / Red Wine) -35%


Oh, yes it does total 105%, but that is just extra insurance that you have enough to serve.


Basic Breakdown for Beer and Wine Only

Simple 50% Beer and 50% Wine


Other Factors

The breakdown can be tailored to your particular group and modified based upon gender, age group, type of function, etc.


Other factors to consider:


• Are you serving any special drinks? Increase amount needed for that drink as many require a 20z serving.

• Passing drinks on trays? Increase amount needed for that drink.

• How many bars are there? You want to keep things roughly even between bars.

• Is it a cash bar? Decrease your overall quantity.

• Will there be a seated dinner with wine service? Increase wine – a safe guide is half a bottle of wine per person.

• Are you having a champagne toast? Is it optional or will everyone be handed a glass?

• Do you need a special bottle or two for particular guests (i.e. featured speaker, celebrity host, father of the bride, etc.)?

• Will guests drop in for only a short time, or will they stay for the entire event?


Basic Serving Sizes



750 ml (Fifth)

1750 ml (Half-Gallon)


1.50 oz Servings

17 servings

39 servings


Martini 2 oz

12 servings

29 servings


Beer – A can or bottle (12 oz) equals one serving



Full Kegs = (6.8 cases)

Pony Kegs = (3.4 cases)

Bullet Kegs = (2.2 cases)







12 oz Cups

165 Servings

83 Servings

53 Servings


16oz Cups

125 Servings

62 Servings

40 Servings


It is our opinion that variety is the key to a successful party. Rather than one big keg of macro lager, we suggest that you purchase two smaller kegs of different beers. You will spend roughly the same amount of money, and your party will be far more memorable. The trained staff at our beer store will be happy to help you plan your event and suggest beers that will suit the occasion.


Wine – 5 oz Servings

750 ml (bottle) – 5 servings

1.5 L (magnum) – 10 servings


Champagne – 5 oz Servings – Toast or Mimosas

750 ml (bottle) – 5 servings – 8 servings


1. The key to controlling the overall cost of any beverage catering is the wine. As an example (and to keep things in perspective) consider the following:


• A $50 bottle of vodka (1.75 L) will cost $1.28 per drink ($50 / 39 drinks)

• A $10 bottle of wine (750 ml) will cost $2.00 per drink ($10 / 5 drinks)


2. Normally, Beer and Wine service will cost about the same as Liquor, Beer, and Wine services.


Craft Beer


Enhance your party with our craft beer selection!  We proudly serve the areas around Crestview, Destin, Panama City, and Fort Walton Beach, FL! We are happy to help our customers plan the party of a lifetime.  Be sure to rely on us so you don’t overlook small yet important details of your next event!


Beach Liquors serves the Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Panama City, Crestview areas.